Regina "Regi" Josephine Bentley
An awkward, androgynous 23-year-old who is still trying to get over her ex-girlfriend from high school and being an adult. Regi is a great dancer and enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, and writing poetry.
Arden Charlotte Bertram
A sophisticated 21-year-old introvert. Arden graduated as valedictorian and currently works two jobs as a barista and a DJ alongside her best friend, Mickey. Arden enjoys reading and playing drums.
Mickey Choi
An outgoing 21-year-old who tends to be a huge flirt. Mickey dabbles in a variety of things, mainly producing music, playing games, and sometimes breakdancing.
Charlyn Lahiri
An upbeat 19-year-old who is just kind of lost among all the older girls. Charlyn spontaneously moves in with Regi in hopes of improving Regi's financial status and possibly, her frame of mind. Charlyn enjoys playing guitar, skateboarding, and eating.